The Festival Team

Introducing your 2025 Festival Team.

Mark Bassant

Mark Bassant


As the APGM with responsibility for charity I have been appointed as the chair for the 2025 East Kent Festival.

My day to day tasks are to coordinate the work of the several teams that compose the festival team and ultimately to deliver the objective of the appeal.
I liaise directly with the Provincial Grand Master and the Executive committees of the Craft and HRA, ensuring that they are fully briefed on the activities of the festival team.

Pat King

Pat King

Deputy Chairman

As the deputy chair of the festival committee I work closely with the Mark and report to him. As an Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals I also represent the HRA on the Festival committee.

I am particularly responsible for the liaison with the Events and Communications managers ensuring that the events being promoted by the Provincial team are successfully marketed and promoted but also that these particular teams are able to support Lodges and Chapters throughout the Province in their own endeavours.

Peter Rhodes

Peter Rhodes

Provincial Grand Charity steward

I am the Provincial Charity Steward for the Craft in East Kent, working closely with and overseeing the efforts of the Lodge Charity Stewards that will prove fundamental to the success of the appeal.

I chair the Provincial Charity Committee though which I am in close contact with the eight craft charity co-ordinators

An essential part of my role is to assist Charity Stewards in promoting ‘regular giving’ by our members as this will be pivotal to the success of the Festival.

I am also engaged in the oversight of festival awards and honorifics.

Phil Lumley

Phil Lumley


I have been appointed the Treasurer for the Festival.

I will be looking after the accounts and the Festival Relief Chest ensuring that the Festival Chairman and the Deputy Festival Chairman are kept fully abreast of the current achievements of the appeal.

It is our intention to ensure that this information will be freely available to all our members throughout the duration of this Festival.

Richard Wingett

Richard Wingett


As the APGM with responsibility for the Provincial Communications team I will be ensuring that everything that is happening in connection with the festival both throughout the Province and elsewhere will receive the widest publicity possible.

My team and I will maintain the 2025 Festival web site and links to other masonic web sites and other well-known social media platforms.

We will be working closely with the Events Team but aim to provide the best possible support to Lodges and Chapters in publicising local events widely throughout Kent.


Colin Barden

Colin Barden


I am the secretary to the Festival Committee and provide the administrative support to all the team leaders.

In addition I am responsible for arranging committee meetings and keeping minutes of them. I will be compiling a library of the reports and other material that arise throughout the festival period which will prove to be a valuable resource for future festival organisers.

Having a professional background in events management I have been tasked to lead the work around the events that will support the fund raising activities of the appeal.

I have a team of dedicated brethren, many of whom are well known throughout the Province, each having specialist skills and responsibility for discreet parts of the work.

Events will broadly fall into three categories:-

  1. Large scale events designed to attract interest from the general public as well as brethren and companions
  2. Provincial events principally aimed at our members and families, and
  3. Events organised by Lodges and Chapters.

The events team will have primary responsibility for the first two categories but also want to provide as much support as possible to more local events.

David King

Events Management

I am the Provincial Charity Steward for the Holy Royal Arch in East Kent.

As such my role mirrors that of W. Bro. Peter Rhodes but having particular focus on the efforts of the Companions of the Province.

John Gallagher

Provincial Charity Steward for the Holy Royal Arch

I am responsible for the arrangement and planning of the seminars that have been put in place to disseminate information to the all brethren and particularly the Charity Stewards regarding all aspects of the Festival but with a particular focus on the many and disparate ways in which donations can be made.

Mike Gee

Planning of Seminars

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